UTSTESTER Attended Sales Elite Training Activities!


In order to further build a guidance marketing team, improve the ability level of sales elites, and consolidate the grassroots battle fortress, UTSTESTER actively participated in the "Foreign Trade Market Expansion Strategies and Techniques" sales elite training event from July 26th to 27th. This training is open to all foreign trade marketing personnel and aims to comprehensively enhance the initiative, dedication, professionalism, sense of responsibility and cohesion of the marketing team through a series of professional knowledge training and special activities.

1. Systematic training to create an iron marketing army

At the training opening mobilization meeting, Mr. Wu, deputy general manager and marketing director of UTSTESTER, said in his speech that talents are the first element and important guarantee for the long-term development of an enterprise. Through professional skills training, we can learn new knowledge and practice new skills, while improving the professional level and teamwork ability of sales staff, while building a marketing iron army with unified thinking, unified goals and unified actions.

Mr. Wu also particularly emphasized the importance of this training activity and mobilized all trainees before the training with "three questions": First, what are you here for? You must have a knowledge-seeking mentality, devote yourself to learning, and cherish opportunities to improve your comprehensive abilities. Second, what is the training for? Based on the requirements of the corporate development strategy, build a first-class marketing team, create first-class performance, promote UTSTESTER's continuous development, and focus on "what can I do for Mr. Wu" to think inwardly. Third, how to learn? "Wanting to learn, wanting to learn, and being able to learn" are the three realms of learning. Discipline + recording are the foundation. Only by combining learning and thinking and deep reflection can knowledge be effectively transformed, and only by applying what has been learned can it promote future work.

During the training, marketing experts focused on distribution strategies, promotion rules, dynamic sales strategies, occupying channels, serving customers, etc., and aimed at practical application, using simulation exercises, group discussions, case analysis, verbal analysis, and on-site Correction and other methods allowed students to master more practical sales skills.

Through this training, it not only demonstrated UTSTESTER's people-oriented, talent-driven corporate philosophy, but also greatly improved the knowledge reserves and professional skills of marketing personnel, stimulated the team's combat effectiveness and execution ability, and continued to maintain sprint status for the second half of the year to successfully complete the year. Lay a solid foundation for sales goals.

2. Raise momentum and gather energy to forge ahead with all your strength on a new journey

The off-season is an important time for companies to build teams and delve into the market. Only by being prepared at all times can you take the lead when the peak season arrives.

In the first half of 2023, in the face of complex and changeable situations such as economic downturn, consumption contraction, and intensified competition, UTSTESTER once again demonstrated its strong resilience and full stamina for steady development, continued to maintain its development momentum against the trend, and achieved the first half of the year. The perfect ending.

Entering the second half of the year, UTSTESTER, which is climbing higher and higher step by step, continues to create new prospects for corporate development with a high-spirited spirit and momentum, and continues to play a leading role; the marketing team that works together and is motivated is also gathering momentum and striving to forge ahead. , start the "race run" with the determination and confidence to win, launch an all-out impact on the annual goals, complete the annual work tasks with high quality, and also hone a person who is not afraid of difficulties, moves forward courageously, and can fight tough battles for the future development of the company. marketing team.

The holding of this training event is not only an important measure for the marketing department to be market-oriented, strive to build a professional talent team, and accelerate the national strategic layout, but also the implementation of the "Five Whatevers" and other theories proposed by the company's chairman. It is under the guidance of the "Five Whatevers" and other theories that the Taijiu marketing team's work has goals, assessments have basis, supervision has standards, and results can be clear, which comprehensively improves the standardization and fluency of market operations and work efficiency. And sales performance has been significantly improved.

Play the second half well and forge ahead on a new journey. Facing new challenges and new opportunities, UTSTESTER's sales elites are well prepared to calmly respond to industry changes and actively overcome market difficulties. They will strive to be the first in the future competition and achieve greater results, and work together to promote UTSTESTER to a new stage of development. Step up and advance to new heights in the industry.

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